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How Much Does It Cost to Test for a Full Nutrition Facts Panel?

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FDA has finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel for packaged food that include additional nutrients and changes to current nutrients.

For most brands, nutritional label changes will go into effect on January 1, 2020. For food and beverage companies with less than $10 million in annual sales, these changes go into effect on January 1, 2021.

Nutritional Label Testing

Our testing services can help your brand meet compliance for Nutrition Facts Panels.

See our testing services

If you’re preparing for FDA’s nutrition label changes, we can help you meet the deadline for regulatory compliance for nutritional labeling with our full range of nutritional testing services.

Medallion Labs’ 2020 Nutritional (NLEA) Screen

Our 2020 Nutritional (NLEA) Screen includes the following tests:

Mandated Nutrients for 2020 Nutritional Labels
Calories – calculation requires ash, moisture, fat, and protein testing$0.00
Carbohydrates - calculation requires ash, moisture, fat, and protein testing$0.00
Fat by Gas Chromatography – includes full fatty acid profile$199.00
Fiber (Total – CODEX Definition) – AOAC 2009.01

Fiber (Total, Soluble, Insoluble – CODEX Definition) – AOAC 2011.25



Metals Screen I (Ca, Fe, K, Na)$93.00
Sugar Profile by HPLC – includes total sugar and labeling sugars$109.00
Vitamin D$276.00
Sample Processing Fee$8.00
Total Price per Sample*$1,364.00*

*Total price per sample based on AOAC 2011.25 fiber method. Total cost will be lower if AOAC 2009.01 fiber method is selected.

While Codex Fiber is a recommended starting point by FDA, it is not required.

If you’re not fortifying your product with additional fiber or not making a fiber claim, you may choose Medallion Lab’s Fiber (Total, Soluble and Insoluble – Gravimetric) Test, using the AOAC 991.43 method as it is more budget friendly ($220).

You may request a mock nutrition facts label to be generated when your analytical results are reported. This costs $26 per label and will be customized upon request according to your serving size.

How will you analyze my samples?

Once we receive and prepare your food products sample for testing, it is distributed to the labs for analytical testing. All testing is chemistry-based and will analyze your product for its true chemical and nutritional composition.

How are Medallion Labs’ nutritional test offerings different than a $400 nutrition label?

We recognize there are many mathematical tools available to calculate the theoretical nutritional values of your product based on database information.

While this may be a more cost-effective option, it presents some risk as a result of ingredient and processing variability among raw materials and finished products.

Therefore, we strongly recommend analytical testing from an ISO-accredited lab and label consultant like Medallion Labs to guarantee the most accurate information.

If FDA were to pull and test your product, they will use analytical methods to validate the claim and nutritional content.

What is the turnaround time for nutritional testing?

Our standard turnaround time is seven to nine business days.

Rush testing is available within four to five business days at double the standard cost.

Remember to check rush on your submission form for expedited nutritional label testing.

How much sample do I need to provide for nutritional testing?

We request roughly 200g of sample for nutritional analysis.

Please see Chapter 4 in the reference for Sampling Plan Guidance for assistance with recommended sampling plans.

How do I test for added sugars?

Added sugars cannot be tested analytically.

Analytical testing cannot differentiate between naturally occurring and added sugars. Label requirements must be determined through record keeping.

Are nutritional label tests required?

The tests listed under the 2020 Nutrition Label are the required components listed in FDA Final Ruling.

For nutrients with an expected value of zero, testing is only required if needed for confirmation.

Can I put the mock nutrition label on my package?

No, a mock nutrition label is not ready for packaging.

The mock nutrition label will need to be finalized by your packaging company or resources before it can be placed on a finished product.

Because a mock nutrition label is generated using your analytical data, the turnaround time for a mock label is one to two business days after all analytical testing has been completed.

Does Medallion Labs provide ingredient decks for packaging?

Medallion Labs does not provide ingredient decks for labels.

The ingredient deck is typically done through record keeping by the manufacturer; or your packaging company or resources.

Does Medallion Labs provide a dual panel (one for serving and one for package)?

Yes, we can provide mock nutrition labels for dual panels.

See FDA Final Ruling for dual panel requirements.

Medallion Labs will need to receive in grams the serving size and container size in order to complete the label.

What are the serving size requirements for mock nutritional labels?

Analytical testing is based on a weight to weight result of the as-is product

Mock nutrition labels will be generated based on a gram serving size.

Volume based serving sizes (mL, fl. oz.) require a customer-provided specific gravity or the addition of Specific Gravity Test to your order.

If I change my recipe, do I need to do nutritional label testing for a full panel again to remain FDA compliant?

There is always risk involved in changing formulation or ingredients without retesting your product as any changes to formulation may have an impact on your nutrition values.

Please contact us if you would like to have a further discussion to outline and assess potential risks associated with making your recipe change.

Does Medallion Labs provide supplement facts panel testing?

Medallion Labs’ screens and methods are geared for nutritional testing, but are also applicable to supplements and supplemental testing.

Nutritional testing does not support any health claims you make on your product.

Please see FDA Final Ruling for supplement labeling requirements.

Can I estimate nutritional content with software?

Each business needs to assess their risk of regulation.

If FDA were to pull and test your product, they will use analytical methods to validate the claim and nutritional content.

Contact us to discuss how to plan nutritional testing for projects on a budget and to discuss your nutritional label compliance needs.

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