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See if my food is spoiling

Food spoilage is a complex process; our assays offer different insight into the source of spoilage in your product.

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See if my food is spoiling

Food spoilage related to fats and oils

One of the most common causes of food spoilage or rancidity is the aging of the fats and oils in food. Pair testing with real life observations to learn more about your product, and to put an analytical result to spoilage for consistent and predictable product quality.

If you have a >3% fat content in your food

The tests below are complementary to each other and allow you to get a more complete understanding of how fat in your food could be affecting food spoilage.

Peroxide Value Test

As oils and fats age, peroxides form which can give a rancid taste and odor to your product. This test is one of the most common measures of rancidity along with Free Fatty Acid test.

Free Fatty Acids Test

A common measure of rancidity in food products, fats, and oils. Free Fatty Acids can contribute to unpleasant tastes and odors in products and serves as an indication of the current rancidity levels.

If you have <3% fat content in your food

This test is an ideal rancidity test for samples with low fat content (<3% fat) where other rancidity tests may not be applicable.

Hexanal Test

This test measures the level of the compound Hexanal which is described as a ‘fresh cut grass’ or ‘green’ taste and aroma. High levels of Hexanal may indicate rancidity in your food.

Does your food have an unintended taste aroma or discoloring?

Flavor Characterization Test

Let us help you investigate and identify that unusual taste or smell that you are noticing in your product! Our lab scientists compare a ‘bad’ sample with a ‘good’ sample to identify and measure dozens of common off-flavors or aroma compounds. This can help you solve flavor issues or customer complaints faster and helps focus on root causes.

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Determining food safety is a complex process, and Medallion Labs does not offer consultation services to assess whether a food is edible.

Each sample is unique, and to keep results confidential, we do not establish 'typical' results for a general product type. There are many reputable publications and organizations that establish rancidity guidelines for specific industries and products.

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