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Improve food product quality

Consumers want food that offers health benefits and good nutrition, while still delivering in taste. We have testing options for multiple areas: protein content, fat profile, and even the latest technology in e-tongue capabilities, with the goal of keeping you one step ahead to exceed consumer expectations.

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Improve food product quality

Tests related to measuring the protein quality in your food

PDCAAS - Invitro (Protein Quality) Test

Our in-vitro PDCAAS test is a fast, cost effective option to learn more about the Total Quality Protein and Amino Acid composition in a food product. The in-vitro method is intended for product development stages, or as a proof of concept check before investing in the in-vivo PDCAAS test.

Measure the composition of fat in your food

Fat by Gas Chromatography Test

This test provides a full Fatty Acid Profile, which enables you to see the specific types of fatty acids in your sample. The specific fatty acids in your product can determine shelf stability, texture, and speed of rancidity.

Detect flavor profiles and off-flavors in your food

Flavor Characterization Test

Let us help you investigate and identify that unusual taste or smell that you are noticing in your product! Our lab scientists compare a ‘bad’ sample with a ‘good’ sample to identify and measure dozens of common off-flavors or aroma compounds. This can help you solve flavor issues or customer complaints faster and helps focus on root causes.

E-Tongue Test

Provides sensory attributes for 8 flavor profiles (umami, aftertaste richness of umami, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, aftertaste of bitterness, astringency, aftertaste of astringency). Provides comparative results that allow for un-biased characterization.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Test

This test measures different physical and thermodynamic properties of your sample, such as: melting temperature, protein denaturization, fat melting characteristics and many more applications.

Texture Analysis Test

Texture is a complex experience for consumers. This test can put quantitative data to texture parameters, such as simulating biting and chewing, snapping a cookie, or measuring the firmness of bread.

This test allows you to choose from Shear analysis, Break analysis, Bread texture analysis, Extensibility or Texture profile analysis to get a better understanding of the texture of your product.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are not making any protein claims, the Protein (Dumas) test is a great option for NLEA Nutrition Labeling.

Medallion Labs does not perform animal testing. Our in-vitro PDCAAS test is a benchtop test.

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