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Understanding the quality of your product over time is critical. Our shelf life study protocols are designed to ensure you get the most accurate representation of your products stability, providing powerful data and consumer insight.

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You can expect high-quality, reliable results time after time.

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Shelf life

Our shelf life study process

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  • Your product specifications and testing goals
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  • Our scientist's recommendations to help you
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  • How we plan to test your product

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Frequently asked questions

Anywhere from 4-24 months. It depends on your product and target shelf life.

With existing understanding of precise acceleration rates for your specific product, accelerated only testing is possible. Without that historical data, it is strongly recommended to run accelerated and non-accelerated testing in parallel to determine that rate.

This can vary greatly depending on the length, product, and testing. A good starting range is $3k-7k.

We can run micro tests at time points in the study, but do not currently run challenge studies which is required to determine micro limited shelf life.

Our group of trained panelists compare the aged product to the control sample and evaluate it for flavor, odor, texture, and appearance changes.