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Partnership approach

When you work with Medallion Labs, you get a partner with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Our commitment to quality

You can expect high-quality, reliable results time after time.

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A partner who has made it their mission to protect food and ingredient companies like yours in a highly regulated industry. A partner who uses a deep understanding of analytical food and nutritional testing and the science behind it to design a custom approach that meets your needs. But first, we must understand exactly what those needs are.

For research and development: 

Project details give us insights we need to…

  • Quickly determine the proper method, eliminating wasted time and money caused by unnecessary testing
  • Offer additional measurement tools to give you deeper insight into your project
  • Set up and administer testing plans, allowing you to spend your time developing products
  • Partner with plant operations to measure your key indicators, making sure your formulas are accurate

For quality and regulatory: 

Clear test plans allow us to…

  • Mindfully determine a schedule leveraging resources and queue volumes to deliver a cost-effective approach
  • Establish available resources to meet your turn-around needs
  • Confirm testing methods are applicable to regulations, keeping you compliant
  • Coordinate testing from plants or co-manufacturers, ensuring timeliness and accuracy

For sales and marketing: 

A shared strategy means we can…

  • Ensure product integrity for your sales cycle, eliminating unsaleables
  • Develop testing to confirm health and front-of-package labeling, giving you confidence in your claims
  • Administer testing plans for licensed and co-branded products, protecting your brand equity

Behind the solutions

Learnings and insights earned over decades of serving thousands of food and ingredient companies around the globe make us uniquely suited to serve your needs.

Reliable results

Every approach we deliver is centered around our drive to deliver quality results you can use to make informed and confident decisions as you move forward.