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Medallion Labs Improves Data Reporting System

For the past two and a half years, Medallion Labs has been working to upgrade its data reporting system to allow for increased operational efficiency and growth. Starting Monday, March 26, we have a new system in place! This is an exciting development for Medallion Labs and its valued customers.

What will be changing:

  1. Submissions will be referred to as "Order Numbers" rather than "Library"
  2. The old reference of "year - MED - number" will be replaced by the "year - six digit number"
  3. Sample Entry Notifications will encompass complete information about submission requests, including method references and more accurate due dates
  4. Final Reports will include a cover page and an alphabetized list of requested tests under each test category (i.e., Analytical, Physical, Microbiology, etc.) for faster navigation and easier comparison between reports
  5. Final Reports, as well as separate report attachments, will be titled with the order number for easier tracking
  6. Preliminary reports can be set up to generate when specific tests complete. This can be requested at the time of sample submission
  7. Tests that are impacted by the FDA ruling to eliminate IU (International Units) by 2020 (i.e., Carotenes, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E), as well as changes to the Calories and Carbohydrates calculations, will be displayed on the report along with the current units for future planning
  8. Medallion Labs will provide its customers with better communication on test status and changes to turnaround time
  9. Coming soon!System capabilities to support requests for results reported on a dry weight basis

What will not be changing:

  1. There will not be any changes to the sample submission process
  2. There will not be any changes to the Customer Service or Account Management teams. Please continue to contact them with any questions

The Medallion Customer Service Team will have to re-enter your information into the new system the first time you submit samples on or after March 26. They may have additional questions for you at the time of setup to ensure the accuracy of your information in the system. We anticipate a smooth transition but are expecting a few "bumps" along the way.

If you are concerned about a submission, please do not hesitate to reach out to Medallion Labs staff with questions or concerns; they can be reached at [email protected]. We thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to navigate this new system and appreciate any feedback you have.

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