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Medallion Labs Online Order Form Streamlines Food Testing Process

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The demand for testing food products for safety, quality, and nutritional value is continuing to grow each year. Faced with tighter FDA regulations and increased consumer scrutiny, food scientists, lab managers, and developers alike need reliable, affordable, and fast testing services to meet elevated standards and ever-changing consumer expectations.

When submitting food samples for testing, turnaround time on results and accuracy are critical. Sending your submission form by mail adds time to the process, and while phone calls and email prove less cumbersome, these methods still allow the potential for delays due to missing information. To make order submission easier for their customers, Medallion Labs now offers an Online Order Form that streamlines the process and provides a faster, more convenient alternative.

How the Online Order Form Works

Online ordering is quickly becoming the standard across all industries, and food testing is not exempt. Instead of having to hand write individual submission forms—which can lead to human error and/or confusion—Medallion customers can now go online and easily submit their orders by entering their samples and clicking on the testing needed for each.

The intuitive form was built with customers' varying needs in mind and takes the submitter through the food testing ordering process step by step. If needed, customers can provide information around expected levels, request additional result recipients, include any comments or special instructions, and input contact and payment information. Customers also have the option to select their preferred turnaround time and whether they would like to see the preliminary results of their testing. As soon as they are done, the data will be sent directly to Medallion Labs’ system for review and entry into the lab system.

Because everything is computerized, the Online Order Form reduces the amount of interpretation required on our end and only accepts submissions when all information is complete. By the time we receive your sample in the mail, all your request details will already be in the system and available for us to begin analysis right away. Detailed instructions for further guidance can be found at the top of the order form.

Benefits of Ordering Tests Online


We created a solution that could be accessed whenever and however the customer needs. Access the online submission form from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It’s never been easier to communicate your exact food analysis needs and expectations.


Because the system saves both you and our analysts time, you can expect to receive your Preliminary
Results (if requested) and your Final Results much faster. Turnaround times range from five to six business days after the sample has been received. You may also request rush service on the Online Order Form to receive results sooner for an additional charge.


The streamlined process ensures greater accuracy from submission to results. There is less room for human error, which means you can feel more confident in the integrity of your results. Medallion Labs has been committed to quality for the past 150 years, and that legacy continues with the new Online Order Form.

Using the New Online Order Form

In the form, tests are categorized by solution to make them easier to identify. For example, to request a protein analysis, simply go to Type > Protein > Protein Test or PDCAAS Test. If you have any questions about specific tests, you can also access up-to-date Tech Data Sheets for each assay. There, you’ll find the price, sample size requirements, methodology, and other pertinent information. In addition, the new and current NLEA nutritional labels are clearly marked to help you select the right test.

Once you've completed the Online Order Form, check your email for our Test Request Order. This PDF form should arrive immediately. When it does, print a copy and include it with your samples for shipping.

If our team requires more information, we’ll contact you within 24 hours. If no additional information is necessary, you will receive a Sample Entry Notification containing your project number via email when your samples have arrived and are marked as received.

Choose Medallion Labs for Your Food Testing Needs

When you need analytical food testing, trust Medallion Labs. We are continuously improving our processes and services to exceed customer expectations. With Medallion, customers can get their products to the table with confidence.

As one of the leading food science labs, we pride ourselves on being an industry resource solely devoted to the testing and analysis of food products. If you're ready to place an order, the Online Order Form is available now.

For additional information or consultative testing, such as shelf life testing, challenge studies, method development, or nutritional verification programs, please call 1-800-245-5615 or email [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Let's Get to Work!

Submit your order online and ship your samples today. If you have questions, we are always here to help.

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