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Meet Our Experts: Rachel

Meet Our Experts: Rachel

Medallion Labs is more than food tests and accurate results. We’re a team of scientific experts finding innovative ways to serve customers better. To know us better, we invite you to meet the team behind the testing. Doing so will help you better understand why Medallion Labs is the partner of choice for top food companies.

Meet Rachel

As one of our newest additions to Medallion Labs, Rachel brings her expertise from 11 years of experience working in nutritional chemistry and pharmaceutical labs.

As a scientist at Medallion Labs, her responsibilities include conducting food tests, analyzing data, answering client questions, and developing and improving methods. When asked about her duties, Rachel replied, “I love that every day is different and presents new challenges. I am passionate about developing methods that both improve the science as well as work well for routine testing to balance lab needs and client needs.”

Creating New Opportunities for Food Testing Clients

Nutritional chemistry has presented many new challenges for Rachel to work through. She loves the opportunity to push herself. Currently, she is developing new testing methods that will encompass a wider variety of foods. When completed, Medallion Labs will be able to assist even more food producers with their testing needs. Rachel’s work in method development is all about innovation. Whether finding new solutions to problems or figuring out ways to make testing more efficient, her hard work will allow Medallion Labs to provide accurate and meaningful results to our customers.

Advice for Aspiring Food Scientists

Rachel is keen on helping people enter the food testing industry. Her advice to new food scientists is simple, “don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and don’t be ‘above’ anything. Your willingness to work hard no matter what the task will pay off.” Rachel exemplifies this advice every day at Medallion Labs. She’s a consummate team player who helps our team and services reach their full potential.

Our Experts Make Food Testing Successful

Rachel’s dedication to science and enthusiasm for food testing is apparent to everyone at Medallion Labs. “I’m super excited to be part of the lab here and work on developing and validating methods that will provide solutions to both the lab as well as our clients.”

She helps Medallion Labs support our customer’s food testing needs as comprehensively as our lab and instruments allow. We meet your testing requests with accurate, reliable results. When considering Medallion Labs for ingredient analysis and food testing, we suggest referring to our tech data sheets and online order form for the latest details. Our breadth of testing options helps you maximize your testing budget by providing the results you seek in a cost-efficient manner.

Medallion Labs is ready to use our testing options, expertise, and skills for your testing needs. Connect with us or call 1-800-245-5615 to discuss the criteria and testing needs for your food products.

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