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Particle Size Distribution (Rotap) Test

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Particle Size Distribution (Rotap) Test

Technical data sheet


Method description

Up to six sieves can be stacked on the Rotap in descending size order. The sample is placed on the top sieve and is sifted down via the shaking and tapping action of the instrument. Sample weights retained on the sieves are recorded. A full range of sieves with openings from 1 inch to 0.037 mm are available.

Acceptable matrices

Free-flowing powders and particulates

Unacceptable matrices

Liquids, particle sizes that are greater than 25 mm

Limit of quantitation

A full range of sieves with openings from 0.037 to 25mm is available.



Method reference

Internally Developed Method

Reportable unit

% retained on each sieve

Sample size requirements

100 g

Information required by submitter

Please supply estimates

Additional information

This method sizes particulate samples and powders by sieve separation. However, for sticky or high-fat samples, the Alpine tester is more accurate.

Rotap Sieve Sizes
Sieve#Opening(") Opening(µm)
1-inch 1.000
3/4-inch 0.750
5/8-inch 0.625
1/2-inch 0.500
7/16-inch 0.438
3/8-inch 0.375
#4 0.187 4750
#5 0.157 4000
#6 0.132 3350
#7 0.111 2800
#8 0.0937 2360
#10 0.0787 2000
#12 0.0661 1680
#14 0.0555 1410
#16 0.0469 1190
#18 0.0394 1000
#20 0.0331 840
#25 0.0280 710
#30 0.0232 590
#35 0.0197 500
#40 0.0165 420
#45 0.0138 350
#50 0.0117 297
#60 0.0098 250
#70 0.0083 210
#80 0.0070 177
#100 0.0059 149
#120 0.0049 120
#140 0.0041 105
#170 0.0035 88
#200 0.0029 74
#230 0.0024 62
#270 0.0021 53
#325 0.0017 44
#400 0.0014 37
*Prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

Common Particle Size Distribution (Rotap) Test Testing Questions

While our sales and customer service team are happy to answer general testing questions, consultations typically start at a rate of $250 per 30 minutes regarding the interpretation of reported test results or questions about our test methods. We cannot consult on regulations, tolerance limits, or claims.

We make every effort to keep our methods and detection limits up to date according to the latest standards and qualifications. If you have any questions regarding the limit of detection/quantification or method references, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-245-5615.

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