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Thank you for your order!

Everything we do at Medallion Labs, from our testing approach to the way we collect samples is designed to maintain the integrity of your results. Please follow the instructions below to ensure we’re able to deliver accurate data you can use to bring your product to market.

A PDF summary of your Medallion Labs Test Request Order Form has been sent to the email address you listed on the order form. It has been sent from Medallion Labs ([email protected]) to you, the submitter, and any additional recipients included in your request. Please check your junk mail if you do not see it in your inbox.

Please print the PDF from the email and include it in your shipment along with your sample(s). Any orders received without a submission form may experience delays. Please contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

Sample Collection and Preparation

When assembling your product for testing, please use the following guidelines:

  • Collect a sample that is well blended and homogenous.
  • Include specific grinding, handling or composite instructions with the order.
  • Include sample matrix/composition descriptions and estimates on the submittal form.

Note: Medallion Labs cannot accept unidentified samples.

Please contact Medallion Labs for guidance on an appropriate sample size for your submission.

Shipping Your Sample

To ensure the integrity and security of samples sent to Medallion, we ask that our customers observe the following guidelines when shipping samples:

  • Secure each food sample in its own container. Seal each sample package completely to prevent leakage. This is very important to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Use packing materials that are strong enough to travel without damage or leakage.
  • For samples needing refrigeration, please package and ship them appropriately and clearly mark “refrigerate” on the outside of the package to ensure continuous refrigeration.
  • Label each sample individually with the identification you would like included on the final report. CAUTION: Do not use magic marker for labeling pesticide residue samples. This will contaminate the matrix.
  • If you would like your samples or shipping coolers sent back to you, please provide your UPS or FedEx shipping number or include a return label with your product.
  • Additional fees may apply for sample return or for special disposal.


At Medallion Labs, we understand how important privacy is to our customers, which is exactly why we’ve made it a priority to provide full confidentiality to all of our partners over the past four decades. We’ve achieved this by establishing not only the right systems, but also the right team to oversee the handling of your product. The graph below highlights how we preserve the anonymity and integrity of your samples.

STEP 1MEDALLION SAMPLE ENTRYSamples are received and sorted by Medallion personnel by Noon for most shipping companies, or samples are dropped off directly.Samples are prioritized based on requested turnaround time and analysis. The customer is contacted via email or phone if clarification is needed.Samples are entered into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), each sample is labeled with a unique Medallion ID, and a sample receipt notification is emailed.
/// FIREWALL ///
STEP 2SAMPLE HANDLING FACILITYSamples are homogeneously prepared as a composite or individually per the customer’s request.Samples are replaced into sealed cups and stored in appropriate condition. If possible, a portion of the sample is retained in our library for 60 days.Samples are delivered to laboratories and stored in the appropriate temperature condition until analyzed.
STEP 3LABORATORY TESTINGSamples are pulled from storage, tested by the approved method and then reported.All analysis is stored and results are calculated through LIMS.Test results are reviewed at the analyst level. Once the entire submission is complete it is promoted to a final library approval by a designated approver.
/// FIREWALL ///
STEP 4REPORTING OF RESULTSAfter the entire submission is approved a final report is emailed to the result recipients listed on the submission request.Invoices for final reports are mailed to the customer the following week.Customer questions regarding are handled by the Customer Service team, who can be reached at 1800-245-5615 or [email protected].