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What’s New at
Medallion Labs

Providing the best in food testing means focusing on a moving target and always hitting a bullseye. Constant industry shifts, FDA requirements, and scientific innovations demand constant evolution of testing practices and capabilities. For more than 150 years, Medallion Labs has kept pace with each new food industry demand and embraced a mindset of continuous improvement. Our enduring commitment to food testing quality and customer service is present in the 120k+ food tests we perform every year.

Our blend of advanced science, discerning expertise, and distinguished services build a crucial set of solutions designed to give you the certainty you need to bring safe, healthy food to tables around the globe. The solutions are designed and carried out by leading scientists who approach each project as problem solvers, aligning their experience and expertise with your end game. 

2023 is set to be a landmark year at Medallion Labs. We’ve updated our image, improved the testing catalog, and added a new level of service that will empower partners with unequaled food testing support. 

Meet The New Look of Medallion Labs

Just as consumer preferences shift, so do those of Medallion Labs’ partners. To remain best-in-class, we’ve modernized our look to align with their (and the food industry’s) expectations. 

We evolved the brand palette from our two former brand colors bright blue and rich chartreuse into a wider spectrum that transitions from dark to light with the addition of midnight blue, regal plum, and a gradient. Our new palette jumps to life against a perfect white backdrop representing Medallion Labs' precision and migrating the brand to align with modern trends. To accompany these colors, we added a hexagonal pattern that is reminiscent of molecular structures. 

We’ve also made a purposeful shift regarding content layout. Web pages, tech sheets, forms, and other layouts have been simplified. We’ve removed unnecessary design elements to put a greater emphasis on user experience and information. This approach highlights what we know, share, and reveal — our most significant value to consumers.  While more in line with the times, our new layouts also achieve purity in information delivery.

White Glove Food Testing Service with Medallion Labs+

Medallion Labs+ is food testing services with mid-market and enterprise food and ingredient manufacturers in mind. With Medallion Labs+ customers receive the same reliable and accurate results as always but, in addition, they will enjoy priority processing, discounts that save time and money, and access to expertise.

Partners who qualify for Medallion Labs+ status will experience even more, with above-and-beyond white-glove customer service that starts with a customer success manager. That person will be dedicated to knowing your team and goals for a highly tailored testing approach.

Updated and Improved 2023 Testing Library 

Medallion Labs has revised our entire testing library for 2023. It’s now a comprehensive list of current chemistry and microbiology analysis options with pricing. A valuable addition is a new section on each test page that offers detailed answers to the most common testing questions. 

Like before, you’ll find testing details also include:

  • Method Description
  • Acceptable Matrices
  • Unacceptable Matrices
  • Limit of Quantitation
  • Equipment
  • Method Reference
  • Reportable Unit
  • Sample Size Requirements
  • Information Required by Submitter
  • Additional Information of Need

Your Expert For Successful and Efficient Food Testing 

When considering Medallion Labs for food testing, we suggest referring to our tech data sheets and online order form for the latest details. Our breadth of testing options helps you maximize your testing budget by cost-efficiently providing the results you seek.

Medallion Labs is ready to use our testing options, expertise, and skills for your testing needs. Connect with us or call 1-800-245-5615 to discuss your food products' criteria and testing needs.