Shelf Life Studies

The deterioration of food quality is a troublesome and ongoing process that affects the eating experience for consumers across the globe. Factors such as ingredient quality, environmental abuse, packaging, and production variability can help solidify the importance of each step in the product development process to ensure maximum shelf life potential. By understanding your product’s shelf life requirements, you can ensure that your customers are always receiving the highest quality and safest product.

Our expertise in product shelf life testing, sensory analysis, microbiological testing, and analytical measurements along with the years of experience our senior scientists have within this field allows Medallion Labs the ability to provide an all-encompassing, practical shelf life summary. We can help support your product development needs by using such methods as: Activation Energy Determination, Claims Confirmation, Ingredient Qualification, and Processing Variability and Impacts. With this knowledge in hand, you can begin making confident business decisions to ensure the highest possible product quality for your customers.

To get started please call 1-800-245-5615 to discuss your study with a qualified Shelf Life Representative. We will help design the study based on your product needs and prepare a detailed quote for your approval. To help make this call more productive we have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out.

Testing Options at Medallion Labs

Sensory Testing: Rancidity Testing: Physical Testing:
Aroma Hexanal DSC
Appearance Free Fatty Acids Texture Analysis
Texture Peroxide Value Hunter Color
Flavor Nutrient Degradation: Microbiology:
Handling Vitamins APC
Moisture Minerals Yeast/Mold
Additional analyses available

Storage Conditions at Medallion Labs

Temp °F Temp °C Relative Humidity Acceleration*
131° 55.0° ambient 1:12
113° 45.0° ambient  
100° 37.8° 20% 1:4
90° 32.2° 75% 1:2.5
90° 32.2° ambient 1:2.5
85° 29.4° ambient 1:2
70-90° 21-32° 65%++ 1:2
73° 23° 50%  
70° 21.1° 38% 1:1
50° 10.0° ambient  
40° 4.4° ambient  
20° -6.7° ambient  
10° -12.2° ambient  
-17.8° ambient  
-10° -23.3° ambient  
-20° -28.9° ambient  
-40° -40.0° ambient  
Medallion’s Storage Conditions include:   (*Ratio of Stored vs. Aged for shelf stable, dry goods)
++This condition is intended to simulate a Summer Warehouse environment.
Customizable chambers may be available upon request.
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